5 Tips for Startup Financial Health

Kruze Consulting is your solution for all things related to accounting, finance, tax and HR for startups. We work with over 130 startups and we would love to share some tips to get your startup headed in the right direction.

Kruze consulting provides expense tracking expertise 

Startup Expense Tracking 101

Set up a system to help with expense tracking. You can even do this before you incorporate or set up a business bank account.

Kruze Consulting can help you setup compliant payroll tracking 

Startup Payroll Systems

Do you have a payroll system in place? Unwinding payroll and payroll tax problems can be complicated and expensive.

Kruze Consulting is an expert in accounting systems utilized by startups 

Startup Accounting Systems

Now that we’ve covered expense tracking and payroll, the next step is to set up an accounting system for accurate tracking and financial planning.

Work with Kruze Consulting for startup tax compliance expertise 

Startup Tax Compiance

In addition to using the best software tools to run your business, we want to make sure you’re keeping on top of taxes.

Kruze Consulting can help with startup financial modeling and 409A valuations 

Startup Financial Models

Now that we’ve covered financial best practices and tax compliance, it’s time to build a financial model.